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Shenzhen iCubio Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.





Address:11/F,Building A,Qiaode Science & Technology Park,No.7 Road,Hi-Tech Industry, Guangming new District,Shenzhen 518106,China

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iCubio was founded in June 2010 in Hi-Tech Zone of Shenzhen, China, our mission is to create for wonderful life!
Our main products are the laboratory inspection equipments, the first developed product is the Auto Bio-Chemistry Analyzer, and new products will be launched continuously. We are an energetic, creative and self-learning organization, we will contribute for human life with the spirit of commitment, self management, earnest attitude and continuing creation and optimism. Our employees are our most important assets.Our entrepreneurship team include senior engineers of electronic, software, mechanics, they have worked in the bio-Medical field for many years,shindon.com.cn337P日本大胆欧美人术艺术 shindon.com.cn
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shindon.com.cn 2020-04-15 and the GMP expert who knows the medical equipment system and certification rules well. Further more we have MBA managers with  more than 10 years  SCM experience of industrial products.Our technical support and service team is leaded by our domestic manager who knows  the equipment best in the field and UK experts with excellent engineering background, and experience of working for global top 500 company before.

Quality is our life! all of the products have been issued with relevant certificates and manufactured under GMP standatrd. We offer our best products and services to customers home and abroad.

What's more, we will win the support of advanced technology from the scientists in American Silicon Valley, and our marketing department is managed by a world famous marketing expert, we are full confident to foresee the future of the bio-chemistry industry and to do right things to meet the needs of market.

Create for a wonderful life.

To cooperate with iCubio, you will get best respect you never obtain from others.

To use iCubio products, you will get most sincere commitment.



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